Lee holds a Science Fair early in the Spring.

Grades 3-6 are required to participate. Grades K-2 are welcome to participate.
Students are now allowed to choose from 3 different project formats.
Students from 3-6 grade will present their project to volunteers with a background in science or engineering on Tuesday, January 28th, 2020.
The project format choices are as follows:
  1. Experiment (1-3 students)
  2. Report (independent)
  3. Model or Demonstration (independent)
If students choose the Experiment, they may elect to participate in theĀ Austin Energy Regional Science Fair. The top three projects from each grade will be chosen to represent Lee Elementary.

All projects receive a review by judges and are awarded a ribbon. There is an evening viewing opportunity.

In the weeks leading up to the science fair students are invited to Science Fair Saturdays, which is an opportunity to come to school and get help on your science fair project.

This years science fair is on Tuesday, January 28 2020.