Be there when the plan comes together.

Think of “The Roadies” as the Lee Elementary A-Team. A ragtag group of hardcore parents, of complementary skills and temperaments, who come together when the need arises to help solve difficult, discrete problems. We can’t promise you’ll be locked in a barn that happens to have a rusty old tractor, some pipes that can be converted into rocket launchers, and scrap metal that can be welded on to the tractor as makeshift armor. But substitute mulch for machine guns, beautifying the Lee grounds for saving a small town from the tyranny of the local crime boss, and walking over from your house for breaking Murdock out of the mental hospital, and you get the gist. Also, Principal Hewlett promises to end every successful project of the “Roadies,” by surveying our accomplishments and saying, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

Also, there will be social gatherings (tailgate parties, mini-golf, use your imagination) that have nothing to do with working and everything to do with relaxing with fellow parents and enjoying time away from the lovely children.

Contact the Roadies Coordinator for more information.

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