Treasurer and Budget

Treasurer Information

If you have incurred expenses for school related activities, fill out a Check Request Form and submit it to the treasurer with the appropriate receipts.

If you have cash or checks to deposit with the treasurer, use the Cash Receipt Form and deliver to the treasurer.

Sales Tax cannot be reimbursed, so please use the Sales Tax Exemption form when making purchases for PTA purposes.

Contact Treasurer Matt Stewart with questions!

PTA Budget

The Operating Budget is the backbone to the support the PTA provides to Lee Elementary. The budget is presented for approval annually. The format of the budget was changed last year to help the members of the Lee Community better understand the Operating Budget.

You will find a complete explanation of how to read and understand the operating budget in the list of budget documents on the right of this page.

Budget Documents

PTA Approved Budget 2016–17

PTA Approved Budget 2015–16

** If you would like to review the above budgets, please contact the Treasurer, Matt Stewart.

Tax Documents (Federal Tax ID)

Lee PTA W9