Roadrunner Rundown – 5/18/19

Roadrunner Rundown

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Roadrunner Rundown – The Final Countdown

Roadrunner Families,
This is the final week of the school year and I want to thank you all for your generosity and support. This was my fifth year at Russell Lee Elementary and stood out as a favorite because I was able to have all three of my children together at our extraordinary school. We will be ending the year with a week that culminates in an exciting final day marked by our 6th Grade Graduation, with the traditional walk through the halls and our end of school celebration at The Triangle, located at 4600 West Guadalupe. Here are the color days for the final week:

Monday purple
Tuesday white
Wednesday polka dot/stripes
Thursday plaid
Friday rainbow

As you might have read, we have been working hard to keep everyone healthy in the remaining days. There have been a number of confirmed Flu B cases within our school community, and several more unconfirmed/flu-like symptoms. If your child has any flu like symptoms, we are asking you to please keep them home and take them for evaluation by their physician. If your student has flu-like symptoms or has confirmed flu, please make the school staff aware. As a reminder, students must be fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medicine prior to returning to school. If you have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact the School Health Team.

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate the outstanding career of Kasi Kennedy. It was a fitting tribute to 29 years as the outstanding art teacher at Lee Elementary. This year we are also saying goodbye to some other beloved members of the Lee Family. Our reading specialist, Ms. Leifeste has accepted a first grade teaching position at Bryker Woods and Ms. Supak will be teaching first grade at Thrall Elementary, near where she is building a new home with her family. We will miss them both greatly and wish them the very best at their new schools.

Next year we are thrilled to introduce some exciting new updates to Lee Elementary. We will be working with Austin Creative Reuse and our PTA to provide school supplies for all of our Roadrunners. More information about the Closed Loop School Supply program can be found here. This program alleviates the need to purchase all but a few school supplies at the beginning of the year. Additionally, each student will be provided a metal water bottle to be used at school in an effort to eliminate the use of plastic water bottles from all school events. These new metal water bottles will be refillable at both indoor water bottle filling stations and at the new outdoor one that is being installed this summer. We will be making a number of additional outdoor improvements over the course of the summer break. Lastly, we will be bidding “aloha” and “farewell to thee” to our Hawaii program as our 3rd graders will start the year by presenting our new Women’s History Program. Ms. Stephens has spent a significant part of the year developing this new program in collaboration with her team mates and our 3rd grade team. The 3rd Grade Women’s History Program will align closely with the grade level curriculum and celebrate the tremendous contributions of women to the history of our country and the world. We are excited to bring these new updates to our school as we continue our work in the new year.

Have a wonderful weekend,

John Hewlett
Principal – Russell Lee Elementary School