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Roadrunner Rundown

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Roadrunner Rundown – SXSW

Roadrunner Families,
I want to thank all of you who came out to support our school at Lee Live this past Saturday. It was a remarkable night that marked twelve years of our unique way of fundraising for our students. Four years ago, Snow White and Cody Coe attended Lee Live to learn about our school and community. Thankfully, they liked what they saw, and their daughter Kennedy has been a Roadrunner ever since. Snow has been a powerful force for our school, and last Saturday she curated an amazing night that will benefit our students for years to come. Thank you to Snow and Cody for all their efforts on this year’s Lee Live.

There are many contributing volunteers who made Lee Live so fantastic, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank some of them. Thank you to James Petralli and White Denim for closing the night out with such an awesome set. Thank you to Susannah Hollinger who oversaw the grade level art projects with an incredible level of detail. Thank you to Dave Junker for all of his assistance with our outstanding musical acts. Thank you to Jess Shaw for all of her hard work making sure that we had another sold out event. Beth Reyburn, who somehow thought she wasn’t going to get pulled into the Lee Live awesomeness this year, made our silent auction so spectacular, once again. Our grade level art projects team, Jack Sanders, Jocelyn Elder and Amy Chahine-Villanueva, Susannah Hollinger and Matt and Caroline Dennis, Claire Traganos, LeeAnn McGehee and Matt Roberts, Hillary Procknow, and Andy Sharp. The one and only Clayton Maxwell for always helping to spread the word about so many great things going on at our school. Our set up and break down crew of Renee Drew, Angela Bailey, Mat Hamlin, Tanya Hamlin, Lisa Hoyt, Margie Yankeelov, Adrienne Dula, Cody Coe, Jillian Copeland, Sara Bircher, Mike Hollinger, Susan Frasier, and Sharon Munroe. Melissa Miller who created our brochures for the event. Medwyn Price, who has taken our fundraising efforts to new heights and worked so hard on Lee Live. Special thanks to Jenny Day, who generously babysat for a group of Roadrunners even though it was her birthday the next day. We will be sharing more information about the important funds we raised, but please share your gratitude with all the volunteers who made it such an amazing night.

I have heard from a number of families about transfers and how we will be addressing the space issues here on campus next school year and beyond. We will be hosting a Principal’s Coffee on March 26th featuring our new project manager David Knapp to discuss the details of the new classroom addition and other information related to transfers and ways to make the best use of our facilities here at Lee.

Lastly, next week is the first SXSW that does not coincide with our spring break, which occurs the week after. We are anticipating an obvious increase in traffic next week, so please be careful and allow for more time to get from point A to point B. We will be hosting a spring book fair in our library, but no badges or wristbands are required in order to attend.

Have a wonderful weekend,

John Hewlett
Principal – Russell Lee Elementary School