Roadrunner Rundown – Mother’s Day

Roadrunner Rundown - Mother's Day

Roadrunner Families,

It has been a long week and I am proud of how well our students did across all grade levels. Our Roadrunners who were testing in the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades did an excellent job of taking their time and doing their best on the STAAR. Our students at the lower grade levels had an eventful week with a variety of fun field trips and outdoor opportunities. Thanks to our staff for making the most of a challenging week. I also want to congratulate all of our students who had their creative works accepted to the latest edition of Lee Creates. Thank you to Melanie Tolen, Mary Wendel, Alex Hubbard, Julie Brown, Jenny Day and all of our 6th Grade Leaders who made The Lee Creates Release Party the best one yet!

Congratulations to our Amigos de Russell Lee on a fantastico Noche Latino! It was a really fun night to be a part of and the turnout was great. Thanks to all of the volunteers who helped plan and make the event such a resounding success. Congratulations to 3rd Grade for winning the Spirit Stick. The Amigos have been the driving force behind our very successful homegrown Spanish Program and we appreciate all they have done to put a longterm program into place. Our CATCH Night was also a crowd pleaser. Congratulations to Coach Huff and his volunteers.

Next week we will have our final PTA Meeting of the year. The PTA will be voting on a revision of the bylaws, the budget that was presented in April and new membership for the PTA Executive Board.

With the last day of school right around the corner we will be starting our color theme days on Monday, the schedule is as follows:

Mon     5/15      red
Tues      5/16      orange
Wed      5/17      yellow
Thurs    5/18      green
Fri         5/19      purple

Mon      5/22      blue
Tues      5/23      white
Wed      5/24      black
Thurs    5/25      plaid ( in honor of Mr. McIntyre)

On Thursday night we hosted a FABPAC – (Facilities And Bond Planning Advisory Committee) meeting where the details of a future facilities bond were discussed by the FABPAC membership. I was able to give a tour to some members as well as district leaders and highlighted some of the areas of need on our campus. While I want to make sure that our school is represented in the discussion of future improvements, I feel that our need for additional classroom space is not something that can wait for another future bond that is years away. With the completion of new condo/apartment buildings in our attendance zone and the long waiting lists for transfers (close to fifty this year), we need to employ a proactive approach to meet the growing needs of our school. Through our CAC we are currently working on the details of the campus improvements that will take place as part of the bond that passed in 2013.

The district has decided not to pursue an initial proposal of an administrative addition to the front of the school, but there will need to be renovations to the administrative areas in accordance with the language of the bond. Without the addition to the front of the building, they will need to include the space that is currently Ms. Osborn’s classroom in order to meet the requirements for an updated Nurses Office. I am strongly advocating that we make up for that lost classroom space with an addition where the White House is currently located. I know that the White House is a longstanding fixture of our campus and the thought of losing a structure that has played a large role on our campus since 1952 is difficult. However, it is one of the only spaces on campus where new construction could take place because of the flood plain and our reluctance to encroach on our outdoor spaces. The possible options for additional classroom space and other details of the 2013 Bond work will be the primary topic at our upcoming CAC Meeting on Tuesday afternoon at 3:00. Please feel free to join the conversation. Also, more information went home today in the Friday Folders about community input for the upcoming bond proposals.

Lastly, I want to wish a very happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in the Lee Family. Thanks for all you do to enrich the lives of our Roadrunners and make them such amazing young people. A very special thanks to my mother, who is an educator herself and has been instrumental in my long path to Lee Elementary School (and who reads my newsletter each week). Happy Mother’s Day!

Have a wonderful weekend,

John Hewlett
Proud Principal
Russell Lee Elementary School

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