Library Lines

Library Lines

Lee Creates:  Wow! What a turnout!  Thank you for your time, patience and encouragement.  The kids did a great job of sharing their work, and you parents were so gracious.  Thanks to Melanie Tolen and Mary Wendel who were our parent sponsors/volunteers.  Thanks to the 6th grade student leaders who put it together and Thanks to the students who submitted their work.   **  The turnout was so big, we may need a different venue next year. **  Thanks to Stephen Hood for photos…

Library Books:  My book carts runneth over! We received the vast majority of books this week!  Thank you.  If your child forgot his/her book, they may turn it in next week.  We can look for books on the shelves here in the library and in the classrooms.  I will be heading to New York next week (for my last child’s college graduation), but will keep in touch with teachers regarding overdues.  If you have to pay for a lost book – please wait until May 23rd.  You may also purchase a hardcover copy in good condition from half-price books or amazon for a replacement.

Now for a little levity…

Thank you for all your support.

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