This spring, our school will participate in an online trip tracking program to encourage families to walk, bike, carpool, take mass transit, or park and walk to school. This Hub system is free and allows users to track their active commuting, earn awards, and see the environmental impact they can make with their choices. We invite your family to join us in this healthy initiative!

Lee Environmentalism And Fitness, or LEAF, is open to all students in K-6th. Students will learn about safe routes from different neighborhoods around Lee, ways to participate if you live farther away from Lee, and how the check into the Hub system to receive credit for their round trips.  Students should save their scan tags to use each year and ensure that their name is still visible and new teacher information is updated on the back.

With the launch of LEAF, we are very focused on safety. The idea behind LEAF is not to eliminate adults from the equation. We want to encourage families to actively commute together to ensure safety and to build awareness with ongoing conversations. For some families, adults may always need to accompany. Our goal is to create a culture change, where active commuting becomes the preferred mode of transportation, traffic is reduced, and safety is improved for all.

Questions about LEAF? Please contact Alyssa Reyes or the LEAF PTA Chairperson. For more information, visit the Hub website.

How to Register

  1. Fill out and submit this Google form. You will receive a scan tag number via email.
  2. Go to the Hub website to create a log in. Enter the school code X1A4NM and the scan tag number that was emailed to you. Please be sure to complete step 2 of the registration process so your child will receive credit for participating.
How Do I Register My Student for LEAF/ Hub?
  • In order for your student’s commutes to be counted as part of the Lee Environmentalism And Fitness (LEAF)/ Hub, you must register.
  • Complete this form for each student and you will receive scan tag number(s) via e-mail.
  • Create a new account on the Hub website under “Log In.”
  • Enter the school group code X1A4NM and your scan tag number.
  • If you have more than one commuter, go to “My Account” and click on “View Your Information.” Under “My Children,” choose “Link another child.” Enter the group code again and the scan tag number assigned to that child.
  • To receive an email each time your child swipes in, check “Scan Event” under “Edit Profile.” Check your junk folder if you do not receive them. Please be aware that this notification may not be instantaneous and it is not a replacement for the AISD attendance system.
  • Scan tags will be delivered to homeroom teachers as registration is completed.
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join LEAF?

Great question! View how to register for LEAF, the Lee Environmentalism And Fitness program.

What do I get for being a member of LEAF?

More exercise! Better self esteem! Less traffic! Cleaner air! And if that’s not enough, students will be rewarded for actively commuting, carpooling, and parking at least ¼ mile away to walk to school. Look for more information about incentives throughout the year

What are the rules for bike and pedestrian safety?

View the Bike and Pedestrian Safety Guidelines.

What are the safest routes for biking and walking?

Our Safe Routes to School Map shows existing sidewalks, bike lanes, and relative traffic levels on nearby streets. 

Can students participate if they aren’t able to safely walk or bike from home?

Yes, families who cannot safely actively commute or carpool are encouraged to park and walk from greater than 1⁄4 mile away as shown in the Safe Routes to School Map.

What if I lose my tag?

If you have misplaced your tag, you may order a $5 replacement tag here. The new tag will be delivered to your child’s homeroom teacher’s mailbox within 1-2 business days.

I forgot my Hub card – can I use a friend’s?

No. Once registered, the card is linked to your child alone. S/he will not receive credit for beeping in with another child’s card. Please go to the Hub website and enter the trip manually.

Awards and Incentives

Every 10 check-ins:

Students will receive a helmet sticker (which can alternatively be placed on their bike or a folder/ binder) – Given at the end of the month to homeroom teachers

LEAF Leaders:

Each month, Coach Reyes will select two students who are consistently making an effort to participate. They will receive recognition in the morning announcements and on the LEAF News bulletin board, along with a certificate.

How Does Your LEAF/ Hub Tag Work?

Each time your child actively commutes, carpools, or parks at least ¼ mile away and walks to school, they will need to “beep in” at the electronic reader located by the entry door. The Hub reader will flash a light and make one “beep” followed by two “beeps” a few seconds later. The program then records the student’s round-trip mileage for the day. Only one swipe a day is required.

IMPORTANT: Please teach your student to “beep in” ONLY if they actively commute, carpool, or park and walk from at least ¼ mile away. This program works on the honor system! If your child forgets to swipe in, then you can add a trip manually through the Hub website. You will also be able to check their commute miles and associated statistics.

Your Hub tag

Your first Hub tag is free! If you require a replacement tag there will be a $5 charge. We are providing a lanyard to wear or attached to your child’s backpack. Please save and reuse scan tags each year and ensure that your student’s name is visible and new teacher information is updated on the back.


Read more about The Hub and Saris. For additional information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions or contact Alyssa Reyes or the LEAF PTA Chairperson.

Bike, Scooter and Pedestrian Safety Guidelines

At Lee, bicycle and pedestrian safety are our top priority for all students. When students bike and walk to school, there are great benefits to their health, to traffic issues, and to our environment. Here at Lee, we teach bicycle and pedestrian safety during PE and our Bike Rodeo days. The following rules are shared with students: 

  • Before getting on a bike, check to ensure your tires are inflated, your shoes are tied, you are wearing bright clothing, and your helmet is on. It is illegal in Austin for anyone under 18 to ride a bike without a helmet.
  • Your helmet should be on the top of your head, not on the back of your head. There should be only a two finger-width between your eyebrow and your helmet, and you should be able to see the brim of the helmet when you look up.
  • When it is foggy or dark (especially shortly after sunrise on winter mornings), use safety lights in order to be visible. Inexpensive battery-operated clip-on lights are available online or at local sporting goods and bicycle stores.
  • Always stop at the edge of your driveway; never move into the roadway without looking for cars. (Note: 1/3 of fatal bike accidents happen at the foot of a driveway.)
  • Whenever possible, ride or walk with a buddy or group.
  • Ride in single file. If there is an adult riding with you, s/he should ride behind you so that you can be seen by and also hear your adult.
  • Use your eyes, not just your ears! Some cars are quiet, or a cyclist might be coming from behind you.
  • Remember to stop at all stop signs.
  • Don’t cross a street in front of a car without making eye contact with the driver.
  • Do not assume that you can safely cross the street because a rider or walker ahead of you did; cars approach quickly.
  • Walk your bike through busy intersections and also when you are on the Lee school grounds.
  • If you are younger than 10, you should ride or walk on the sidewalk if available.
  • If you are 10 or older, you may ride or walk in the street.
  • When riding or walking in the street, always stay on the right side. Never ride or walk against the traffic, even if you are in a bike lane.
  • Before passing a pedestrian or another bicycle, call out, “on your left” so that they are aware of your presence and do not unexpectedly move into your path.
  • When passing a parked car, check behind you before moving into traffic. Pass about 3 feet to the side of the parked car so that you won’t be hit if someone inside the car opens the door.
  • On trash days, there may be garbage cans on the street/ sidewalks. Avoid darting into the street because cars won’t be expecting you.
  • Avoid riding in the “gutter” along the edge of the street where glass, trash, and leaves pile up.
City of Austin Safe Routes to School Map