Russell Lee Elementary Glossary

Aftercare/Child Care
Our child care program here at Lee is a unique and fun opportunity. Lee Child Care is one of only 6 schools in all of AISD who has their own in-house child care. Our Child Care staff double as our cafeteria monitors at lunch time and fosters real relationships between staff and kids. After school, each age group has their own Child Care Teacher, who guides activities and learning. When kids are released up from their classrooms, they come directly to the cafeteria where they eat a snack, do homework and fun projects, and then spend time just being kids.

Amigos de Russell Lee
This parent-led fundraising group at Lee Elementary raises the money needed to pay our instructors for the extra time they contribute to teach Spanish. In addition to fundraising, this group works with Lee teachers to implement Lee’s homegrown Spanish instruction for children in grades K through 5th.

Parent Forum/Back-to-School Night
This is a parent only event in the evening at the beginning of each school year that gives parents and teachers a chance to discuss the expectations and opportunities for the students in their grade.

Book Fair
Book Fair is our annual fundraiser to support the Lee Library. This event supplements the $2,500 a year budget that AISD allows for our school. This budget is used to purchase books to support the curriculum at every grade level, books requested by students and teachers, prizes for reading programs, and supplies for book repairs and physical library needs. The Book Fair provides several opportunities during the week to buy books for your home, donate books to your child’s classroom and support community outreach. In the past Lee collected books to send to Uganda and books to replace those lost in the fires in Bastrop. Volunteers are very important for running the registers before and after school and during the open house that occurs on one evening during book fair.

The Campus Advisory Council is a committee of parents, students, business and community representatives, teachers, principals, and other campus staff. The formation of CACs is required by state law (Texas Education Code, §11.251). Specific functions of CACs include providing input and review on:

  • Campus Educational Programs
  • Campus Academic Performance
  • Campus Improvement Plans
  • Campus Budget and Facilities Issues

Celebrations is our annual program incorporating all Lee students in a production that presents the many celebrations taking place around the world (many in December). There are many opportunities to view this special event. There are two evening performances for parents and siblings. There is one school day performance for “grandparents” (or anyone who cannot attend an evening performance) with a reception to follow. It is important that students participate in all performances.

Lee is fortunate to have a full time counselor on staff available to students every day. The four components to our counseling program include guidance, responsive services, individual planning and system support. Some of the ways our counselor works with families at Lee include: box where students can write private notes to the counselor about issues they are experiencing, anti-bullying campaigns and kindness challenges, involvement in helping 6th grade parents navigate middle school transition, etc…

Fall Carnival
This fall fundraising event takes place on the school grounds in the evening and includes games like ring toss, a cake walk, a haunted house, a maze, bounce houses, concessions and a costume contest. A great deal of parent volunteer support is required to pull off this amazing night of fun!

Geography Day
Geography Day is a celebration of world heritages. Each grade is transformed into a different country and a mixed age group of kids (K-6) will spend the school day in one country. Parent volunteers play a big role in this exciting Lee tradition!

Grade Level Coordinators
Each grade has one GLCs that sends emails with information regarding school activities, events, signs ups and much more. GLCs are parents that have been at Lee for at least one year. They are a wonderful point of contact for any questions that you may have.

Grade Level Programs
Each grade at Lee puts on their own theatrical program (in addition to our school-wide Celebrations program). For more information on programs at Lee, see here.

  • Kindergarten – Dinosaur Program in April
  • First Grade – Mu-SEL-cal in November
  • Second Grade – Mexico Program in May
  • Third Grade – Women’s History in September
  • Fourth Grade – Texas Program in March
  • Fifth Grade – African-American Heritage Program in February
  • Sixth Grade – Celebrate Freedom Program in October and Shakespeare Program in May

Helping Hand Home is a therapeutic foster care facility in the Lee community. Several children from the home attend Lee Elementary and our administration works closely with HHH staff to provide the best learning opportunity possible.

Lee Creates
Lee Creates is a publication featuring writing and art submissions from Lee students. Since 2009, Lee Creates has showcased the writing and art of Lee Elementary students. Lee Creates is driven by the kids’ creativity, and thanks to the Lee PTA we are able to print this incredible collection to foster the students’ sense of achievement. Visit the library to view the archive of all previous issues. Starting in the 2014-15 school year, Lee 6th graders have taken the lead in promoting and producing the magazine.

Lee Creates Live
This companion event gives the published students an opportunity to share their work and autograph copies of the magazine.

Lee Live
This is our big PTA Spring Fundraiser. This parent only event includes music, dancing, dinner, drinks and silent and live auctions. One of the biggest hits of the night is seeing the grade level artwork created by students in each grade that headlines our live auction!

Lee Olympics
Lee Olympics is our Field Day. The morning is started off with a traditional opening ceremony for all students and torch run completed by sixth graders. Grades K-2 participate in athletic activities in the morning; grades 3-6 compete in the afternoon. Parent volunteers donate to and run the snack table. All family members are invited to watch Lee Olympics.

Lost and Found
Items (jackets, sweaters, water bottles, lunch boxes, etc) that become lost at Lee eventually make their way to the two antique armoires near the round table. Parent volunteers help sort and return lost items that are labeled. Please label any item your child takes to school so that they may be more easily returned. Items left for long periods are donated.

Noche Latina
Lee Elementary’s Spring festival, Noche Latina, is an opportunity for the entire school community to come together on a Friday evening in May to celebrate Latino culture with live music, comidas deliciosas, piñatas, arts and crafts, games for all ages, and fútbol. Funds raised support Amigos de Russell Lee.

Open House
There is a fall Open House for grades K-2 that coincides with the 6th grade Pizza Sale and Book Fair. The spring Open House is for grades 3-6 and includes a 5th grade Pizza Sale. Open House is an evening event for parents and students to visit classrooms and get a peek at all the wonderful work your students have been doing. You can also visit special area teacher classrooms during Open House.

Outdoor Classroom
There is an outdoor meeting space in the far west-southwest corner of the school property. It is near the soccer field and Waller Creek. This space is used for Geography Day presentations, class use and parent meetings. You must sign it at the office to attend meetings in the Outdoor Classroom.

Roadrunner Rally
Roadrunner Rally is our first PTA fundraiser of the year and it is a voluntary one-time donation to the PTA that allows us to provide exceptional programming at Lee. Funds raised go toward technology, teacher support, reading specialists and improving the playground and our outdoor classroom and gardens. With your generous, tax-deductible donation we can fully fund these programs. Please consider giving the suggested donationor any amount you wish–any donation will help Lee fund valuable programs for our students…and if you give now, you’re off the hook for the rest of the year!

For more information and to make your online donation, please visit the Roadrunner Rally page.

The Round Table
The Round Table is a physical, wooden, round table near the front entrance to the school outside the office. This is a gathering place for parents where PTA memberships are paid, donations are dropped off, tickets to events are sold, flyers of interest are displayed and more!

Science Fair
Lee holds a Science Fair early in the Spring. Grades 3-6 are required to participate and receive judging. Grades K-2 are welcome to participate. Volunteer judges from the university and area businesses with a background in science or engineering hear presentations from all students in grades 3-6. The top three projects from each grade (3-6) advance to the Austin Energy Regional Science Fair. All projects receive a review by judges and are awarded a ribbon. There is an evening viewing opportunity.

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is a process for helping children and adults develop fundamental skills for life effectiveness. SEL teaches the skills we all need to handle ourselves, our relationships, and our work effectively and ethically. These skills include recognizing and managing our emotions, developing caring and concern for others, establishing positive relationships, making responsible decisions, and handling challenging situations constructively and ethically. In 2016 Lee was recognized by AISD as an official SEL Model Campus! SEL Lessons are taught in the classroom and sometimes include a take home component.

Special Areas/”Specials”
Specials is how we collectively refer to PE, Music and Art. Students visit one special area each day on a rotating basis. Our special area teachers work closely to put on our Grade Level Programs and Celebrations Program.

Special Education
Lee has a strong Special Education Program with many members of our staff and admin team coming from a special education background. We employ true inclusion with student spending as much time in the general education setting as possible.

Vertical Team
This is a collection of elementary schools and middle schools that feed into a high school. Lee Elementary feeds to Kealing Middle School which feeds to McCallum High School. We are part of the McCallum Vertical Team.

This is a living document compiled by parent volunteers; if you notice any missing or inaccurate information, please contact the PTA Vice President.