The Fourth Annual Russell Lee Roadrunner Fun Run is Friday, November 22th
The Fun Run is non-competitive run that allows our students to raise funds for our school, while having fun with their classmates. Students run during their Special Area time. Funds rasied will be invested in improvements to our outdoor spaces and 10% of the proceeds raised will be donated to a non-profit selected by the Lee Student Council. Last year’s fun run enabled Lee to add an outdoor water fountain for students to use throughout the year.

All students receive prizes for participating. This year’s prizes include:

$2,000 – Crazy sock day

$5,000 – Extra recess 
$8,000 – End of the day dance party

$10,000 – DJ Hewlett at lunch 
$15,000 – Fun Run beanies for the whole school
$18,000 – Coach Reyes dress up for the day
$20,000 – Principal Hewlett sleep/work in chicken coop

Donations from all 50 states – End of school pizza party

Come during your students’ scheduled time and run with them or just cheer them on. Come early or stay late and volunteer!

7:55am–8:40am: 5th grade

8:45am–9:30am: Kindergarten

9:35am–10:20am: 3rd grade

10:25am–11:10am: 1st grade

11:15am–12:00pm: 4th grade

12:00–1:15pm: Lunch/Prep

1:15pm–2:00pm: 2nd grade

2:05pm–2:50pm: 6th grade