FAQ/How To

Q: How do I get information about what’s going on at school?

A: Communication will come from our LivingTree communication platform and the Lee Newsletter, which you can signup for here. Check out the Keep In Touch page for more infomation.


Q: How can I change which notifications I receive from LivingTree?

A: In your account, click ‘Preferences’. Scroll down to ‘Notification Preferences’, and select or de-select the notification options according to your preference. Be sure to save your changes before you exit.


Q: How do I add the Lee Elementary Calendar to my Google Calendar?

A: Click on the “+” in bottom right corner of the Lee Elementary Calendar. This will open another page to your Google calendar with a prompt confirming that you would like to Add Calendar. Select Add. If you are not already signed into your Google account, you will be directed to a login page.