The Campus Advisory Council (CAC) is a committee of parents, students, business and community representatives, teachers, principals, and other campus staff. The formation of CACs is required by state law (Texas Education Code, §11.251). Specific functions of CACs include providing input and review on:

  • Campus Educational Programs
  • Campus Academic Performance
  • Campus Improvement Plans
  • Campus Budget and Facilities Issues

The CAC is required to have the for the minutes for the past 2 years in a binder; they are in the wooden cabinet thing to the left of the front door underneath the safety patrol vests.  The other requirement is to have the agenda physically posted before the meeting.  Mr. Hewlett hangs a copy on the bulletin board in the hall.

Please email the CAC chairs Clayton Maxwell  or Paula Soto  if you would like an agenda, or further information on the CAC.