Roadrunner Rundown – Lee Olympics!

April 19, 2019

Roadrunner Families,
Next Friday is our annual field day event, Lee Olympics, which was first started under Joy Reilly, who was the PE Teacher at our school prior to Coach Huff. Coach Reilly, who taught Drew Brees for several years, recognized his athletic talents early on as he participated in some of the very first Lee Olympics. The tradition now continues with Coach Reyes who has had an amazing start since joining the Lee Family in January. She has done a remarkable job forming strong relationships with our Roadrunners and we are extremely excited for her inaugural Lee Olympics.

To prepare for Lee Olympics, we will hold our Roadie Work Day tomorrow Saturday, April 20th. We will be planting trees and native plants, repairing our track after the recent rains, installing the eagerly anticipated GAGA Pit and working on other campus improvement projects. Things kick off at 9:00 tomorrow morning. Students are encouraged you join us and we hope to see you there!

As you probably saw in the message on Wednesday, we have had a number of confirmed cases of lice across multiple grade levels. We are requesting that you check your children and treat them if any lice or nits are found. The following recommendations have been provided by our School Health Team: 1. Check your child’s hair daily. If you find lice treat your child and any children who share rooms or beds in the house. In addition, the sheets and clothes must be washed in hot water. Stuffed animals or other items which cannot be washed should be bagged for 48 hours. 2. Please let the school nurse know if you become aware of lice. 3. Follow treatment guidelines, available on the pdf attachment included here.

Lastly, I have been asked by the district to share information about the Human Sexuality and Responsibility Curriculum, which will not be changing until next school year. The following link will provide resources on the topic, including overviews of what is covered at each grade level, as well as the the results of the survey that took place in the fall. Within the link you will also find a copy of the opt-out letter if you do not want your child to participate in the lessons. A paper copy of this letter is was sent home with your Roadrunner. Should you have additional questions, I will be holding a Principal’s Coffee on the topic from 8:00 until 9:00 next Thursday morning in the library.

Have a wonderful Easter Weekend,

John Hewlett
Principal – Russell Lee Elementary School