Kindernews February 22, 2019

February 22, 2019

It’s Been A Busy Week

We continue to work on sight words as well as reading fluency and handwriting. Please help your child practice these at home.
Our sight words so far are was, have, little, got, do, love,  had, runhas, big, didday, will, as, said, younot, get, look, my, mom, dad,up, it,I, A, go, at, to, am, me, see, can, is, like, the, red, blue, yellow, green, orange, brown, and pink.

Lee Live!

Lee Live is fast approaching!  Make sure to purchase your tickets.  It is a fun evening for adults to dance to great music, eat yummy food and socialize with friends and neighbors.  You will also have an opportunity to bid on an awesome art project which your child has helped create.  

Thank you so much to Jack Sanders for spearheading and helping to create the amazing art project for Lee Live!  These beautiful works will be sold at Lee Live on March 2nd.  We know you will want to hang one in your home!

Dinosaur Program

The Kindergarten Dinosaur Program will be Monday and Tuesday, April 1st and 2nd.  Each student will have a speaking or acting part in the program.  More information about this in future Kindernews.

Spanish – Stanfield

Tienes un mascota? ( Do you have a pet?) was our question this week. We learned that many people have un perro/dog or gato/cat. Some have a pajaro/bird, vibora/snake, pez/fish, but no one had un conejo/rabbit or tortuga/turtle.

Science – Gonzales

We learned about invertebrates this week. These include insects, spiders, worms, and ocean animals like octopus and crabs.

Science – Manning

We learned about pollination. Insects, animal, wind, and water help a plant to make seeds.


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Charlie Bangs 2/21