Kindernews February 15, 2019

February 15, 2019

Thank you for all of the flowers, candy and gifts we received on Valentine’s Day.  We are lucky to have so much love in our lives! Thank you also to all of you who donated and or helped with our Valentine’s Day parties.  The children were delighted with everything!

We continue to work on sight words as well as reading fluency and handwriting. Please help your child practice these at home.
Our sight words so far are little, got, do, love,  had, runhas, big, didday, will, as, said, younot, get, look, my, mom, dad,up, it,I, A, go, at, to, am, me, see, can, is, like, the, red, blue, yellow, green, orange, brown, and pink.

Spanish – Stanfield

We learn how to say I love you in Spanish. We sang a song and then made a beautiful Spanish Valentine.

Science – Gonzales

We learned the characteristics of amphibians and then sorted them.

Science – Manning

This week we learned that plants make food with air, water, and sunlight. The scientific word for plants making their own food is photosynthesis.

Lee Live!

What is Lee Live?   It is a fun evening for adults to dance to great music, eat yummy food and socialize with friends and neighbors. Historically, kindergarten is the least represented grade in attendance. We want to change that this year! We would like for the Lee Live venue to be bursting at the seams with kindergarten parents.

 If you are new to Lee this is a great opportunity to meet fellow Roadrunners while helping to support the many amazing things going on at our little school.  Save the date –Saturday, March 2nd and join us at Springdale Station for what will be an awesome night of live music and celebration.