Library Lines

February 1, 2019

Student peeking through the library window,  “Oh My Gosh!  What’s that big, black thing?!?”


This week we had the AISD Mobile Planetarium in the library.   All the students got to visit during their library time.  It was quite interesting and fun.   Several Kinderkiddos and 1st graders said they really enjoyed the rollercoaster.  🙂  I hope you got to hear lots of stories about it.  Thanks to Marvelous Mrs. Mullane for signing us up for it, the second day teachers came back from summer vacation!


“Mrs. Day, how much longer do we keep track of our reading for the BookSpring Read-a-thon?”

“Until next Friday.” 

“Oh Oh!  That’s not good.”


“Because I’ve already read 4,000 pages.”  (I hope whomever is sponsoring this child didn’t pledge a dollar a page.)

Even if you did, you can put a cap on the donation and just do a general donation.  However, I’m sure BookSpring would not turn away a $4000 pledge.  😉  
Please keep reading until next Friday, February 8.  Make sure your reader goes online and records his/her reading log. Then collect any donations of cash or check (donors can also pay online) and turn it in to your teacher, by February 25th.  

Author, Judd Winick, of the awesome HiLo graphic novel series will be visiting Lee next Wednesday, February 6. 2nd – 6th grades will get to hear him speak. If you want to get signed copies of his books, just take a look at this websites – BookPeople sponsors his visit for us and we sell his books to our kiddos.

Thank you for your support of all things Reading.