Kindernews January 11, 2019

January 11, 2019

Happy New Year!

Please help us welcome three new students to our kindergarten family.  Piper Soda De Marco is in Ms. Stanfield’s class and Nico Soda De Marco and Logan Novack – Babington are in Mrs. Gonzales’ class.

It’s Been a Busy Week!

We continue to work on sight words as well as reading fluency and handwriting.
Our sight words so far are day, will, as, said, you, not, get, look, my, mom, dad, up, it, I, A, go, at, to, am, me, see, can, is, like, the, red, blue, yellow, green, orange, brown, and pink .  

In Writer’s Workshop we are working on writing informational texts.

Math finds us working with a number line to help us with addition and subtraction.

Science – Manning

In science we are learning about weather. We learned that weather is the combination of sunlight, clouds, wind, rain, snow, and temperature.

Science – Gonzales

We learned that the sun creates all the weather. We played a game called “Weather or Not” and identified the major types of weather.

Spanish – Stanfield

After the long break, we reviewed some of our songs and games. We then followed directions (in Spanish) to complete a drawing of a snowman, (moneco de nieve).

100th Day of School!

The 100th Day of school is coming up.  We are asking each child to bring at least one canned food item to donate to a food pantry.  We hope to collect 100 or more cans from the combined kindergarten classes.  We will continue to collect cans until February 1st, the 100th day.

Daisy Scouts

Many of your daughters are participating in Daisy Scouts this year. We ask that on meeting days you please do not have your daughter wear her vest to school. She is welcome to keep it in her backpack until meeting time. We are having problems with things falling off and getting lost.

Reminders and Notices

*Mon. Jan. 21st         No School

*Please remember to help your child to return their reading buddy book each week.

*Please label all outerwear.

*Ms. Stanfield’s class needs snacks please.


Kyle Copeland (1/2) 1/7

Sadie Shelley (1/2) 1/8

Juni Martin (1/2) 1/11