Kindernews October 4, 2018

October 4, 2018

It’s Been a Busy Week

Our sight words for the week were on and he. Our sight words so far are I, A, go, at, to, am, me, see, can, is, like, the, red, blue, yellow, green, and orange. Please help your child practice reading these words at home.

In math we continued to work on composing and decomposing numbers 6-10 by playing a game called “Match Me”.

Spanish – Stanfield

We learned a new song about one of my favorite things to eat – chocolate!  We also learned the rest of the color song including the colors white – blanco, black – negro, gray – gris, orange – anaranjado, pink – rosado, and  brown – cafe.  The children should have come home with a color song  booklet.

Science – Manning

This wee we learned that one way to describe an object is by measuring it.  We used rulers to measure many objects in the room.

Science – Gonzales

We learned that another way to describe an object is by color.  We can observe and record colors.

Social Emotional Learning

What is your child learning?

Your child is learning how to pay attention to people’s faces and bodies to figure out how they are feeling.

Why is this important?

Children who can identify feelings tend to get along better with others and do better in school than those who can’t.



Ilan Akmal         10/3

Henry Pinzur     10/6


Reminders and Notices

  • Monday is a holiday for students.  If you are scheduled for a conference, please show up on time.  We will be meeting in Mrs. Manning’s room.
  • We are in need of snacks!  We could use things like Pirate Booty, popcorn, veggie sticks, cut up fruit, crackers, etc.  Please no goldfish or Cheerios.  We have plenty.