Kindernews May 11, 2018

May 10, 2018

Walking Field Trip

Tuesday, May 15th, we will take a walking field trip to Eastwoods Park.  We will leave school at 8:00 am and walk to the park.  We need some parents to help us manage 60+ kiddos on the walk.  If you would like to help, please let your child’s teacher know.   We will also need someone to drive our large water jug to the park and someone from each class to provide tangerines and/or small apples for snack and wet wipes for sticky hands .  We will provide balls but we could use some sidewalk chalk.  We will return to school before lunch.  Thank you in advance for your help!

Monday, 5/14, Tuesday, 5/15, and Wednesday, 5/16  students will be taking the STAAR test.  No lunch visitors will be allowed on those days.


Color Days!

We would love to serve special snacks on these days.  If you can provide snack for one of these days, please let your child’s teacher know.

Color Days have been a tradition at Lee school for many years.  It started in kindergarten about 25 years ago and has spread to the rest of the school.  Starting on the week of the 14th,  each day will be dedicated to one color.  We will dress in that color, eat snacks that color, write poems, lists and graphs – all about that color.   Here is the schedule in advance so you can start planning your wardrobe. Please try to dress your child in the appropriate color each day. Please note – This is for fun and not at all required.  You may choose whether or not you wish to participate.



Color Schedule                          Snack   (suggestions)                

Mon.     5/14       red                  sliced apples/strawberries

Tues.     5/15       orange           small oranges/cheez its

Wed.     5/16       yellow            bananas

Thurs.   5/17       green             sliced green apples/chips & guacamole

Fri.          5/18       blue             blueberries/blue corn chips


Mon.     5/21       purple          purple grapes (washed)

Tues.     5/22       white           popcorn

Wed.     5/23       plaid           ?

Thurs.   5/24       polka dot    ?

Fri.          5/25       stripes      ?


Tues.     5/29       neon          ?

Wed.     5/30       Rainbow!   small rainbow Popsicles




Aarush Adhikari      5/18

Bryce Clinchard        5/25

Colleen Richardson  5/25

Dina Lastochkin       5/28