Roadrunner Rundown – Kinder Round Up

April 1, 2018

Roadrunner Families,
On Tuesday of this week, we will be welcoming next year’s incoming Roadrunners as part of our annual Kinder Round Up. The Round Up will begin at 9:00am and then culminate with our Kindergarten Dinosaur Program. The Dinosaur Program will be presented for families Tuesday evening at 6:30pm. All are welcome to join us for the performance. On Thursday we will have our monthly PTA Meeting at 7:00pm. We will be voting for next year’s Executive Board, so we hope you will join us for this important meeting. Friday is casual picture day, which is an optional opportunity to purchase additional school photos of your student.

Next, I wanted to share the following message from the the PTA Nomination Committee, who has worked very hard to identify this year’s slate of recommended candidates. We appreciate all their important work on behalf of our PTA.

The PTA Nomination Committee would like to thank the entire Lee Community for their support during this process, and all of those that took interest in serving on the PTA Executive Board for the 2018 – 2019 school year. After careful consideration, we feel confident in the selected nominees. Below is a brief description of each candidate, so you can learn a little about them before the official vote on Thursday, April 5 at 7:00pm.


Beth is the current PTA President, having previously served as Vice President and Vice President of Membership for a total of 4 consecutive years. She has also been the Lee Live Silent Auction chair for 3 years, and grade level coordinator for 2 years. Beth hopes to strengthen the community at Lee, by bringing a feeling of togetherness, common purpose, and support for one another. She appreciates and values how each family contributes something unique to our community, always keeping in mind what is best for the kids.

“My favorite time of year is the Friday before school, all the excitement and energy. It is full of possibility.”

Vice President

Sara is currently the Vice President of the PTA, with several (an underestimation) other volunteer experiences here at Lee as well. Sara is, or has been, involved in Copy Cats, Go Green, Grade Level Coordinating, Chess Club, and many other off-campus programs. Sara wants to focus on outreach to new families to ensure all feel welcomed and continue to foster our children’s educational experiences. She has a daughter (Elizabeth, 4th) and son (William, 1st) currently at Lee and a daughter (Catherine, 6th) at Kealing MS where she is on fundraising committee.

“Working as a Copy Cat has given me the privilege of meeting new parents, build strong friendships, and given me a peak into the world of our teachers. It has helped me appreciate them even more, and build a strange affinity for the smell of laminate, toner and glue.”

Vice President of Fundraising

Medwyn is no stranger to volunteering or fundraising, having significantly helped with the Fall Carnival for the past two years. She has a son, Carlos, in the first grade. The Price’s had just relocated to Austin two years ago, and they describe the Lee community to be like family. She is a certified social studies teacher and values the positive learning environment within the school.

“I love the generosity I see from the parents at Lee Live. I love the happiness geography day brings to the school. I could go on and on.”


Matt currently has a son in 1st grade (Ramsey), and a daughter in Kindergarten (Mary Elizabeth). Matt works in finance, and has served on boards and in officer roles for several volunteer and corporate organizations. Matt wants to continue to support our school, teachers, staff, and our children to the best of his abilities. He is grateful for the deep level of parent engagement and all they do to make such a positive environment for our kids.

“I love drop-off every morning. They run into their classrooms full of joy and excitement, ready for new beginnings.”

Vice President of Operations

Elizabeth has previously served on the Board of the First Lutheran Child Development Center since 2013, with the last two years as president. Outside of Lee, Elizabeth is an attorney and current Dean of Students at the UT School of Law. She manages event planning, communication with the community, and works closely with UT’s diversity and inclusion committee. Elizabeth has a 1st grader, Zack, and another child soon to be kindergartener in the Fall. On the PTA Board, she strives to ensure that all families, regardless of background or neighborhood, are included in the life of the community.

“Zack recently had his tonsils removed. When he returned, he was greeted by an avalanche of hugs and a chorus of “Zack’s back!”. We would all be lucky to be so loved. This is a true testament to the community and the culture the staff and teachers have created.”

Vice President of Membership

Lisa has a 1st grader, Alice, and is the current secretary for the PTA Executive Board. Lisa wants to expand her role on the PTA in hopes of enhancing the atmosphere that celebrates our diverse voices, as well as ensuring all feel welcomed and encouraged to participate. She wants to support the work of teachers and administrators to create a safe and nurturing environment for our children. Lisa feels extremely fortunate for the friendships and bonds she has made, and hopes to pass along those same feelings to new families.

“One of my favorite moments at Lee was watching Ms. Stanfield during morning duty. I don’t think any of the kids were able to pass her without giving her a massive hug. I thought, what a great way for each student to start the day!”

Vice President of Educational Enrichment

Paola has worked extensively this past year at Lee, serving as the PTA’s Vice President of Membership, and as the 1st grade Parent Coordinator. She has a 1st grader, Fiona, and a 5th grader, Leo, here at Lee. Paola wants to be involved in enhancing the classroom experience for all students, having created several programs for UT as Senior Coordinator. Paola wants to bring the community members into Lee, to tap into all the parents’ talents, knowledge and experiences.

“Geography day is my favorite. I am originally from Argentina, so hearing the excitement from my son after traveling to Greece, made me appreciate all the ways the kids learn and experience the different cultures around the world.”


Kim was once a middle school theatre arts teacher in Killeen ISD. In 2008, her family relocated to Lufkin, where she then actively participated in the PTA as a parent, organizing fun runs, field days, Spring picnics, and many other programs throughout the year. The Pembers were new to Lee this year, Brynn in 3rd and Sean in 5th grade. Kim has been amazed at the parental involvement and hopes to strengthen parent-staff relations even further. She is in awe of how parent voices are always heard and have such a positive impact in Lee.

“Every day I pick my kiddos up, each caregiver makes a point to say hello. They share something fun and uplifting about my children, I can tell they truly listen and value our children.”

Lastly, I’d like to share that based on our strong focus on outdoor education and successful chicken coop program, we have been awarded a generous grant from the Peafowl Conservancy. Beginning in early May we will be welcoming six peacocks to our campus environment. If this new program is successful, we will be introducing six additional peafowl during the fall semester. Funds from the grant will be utilized to construct shelters near the outdoor classroom to help keep our new companions cool during the summer months. We will be scheduling our Spring Roadie Work Day in April to help prepare, so please let us know if you are interested in assisting or would like to know more about this exciting new program at our school!

Have a wonderful weekend,

John Hewlett
Proud Principal
Russell Lee Elementary School