Kindernews February 2, 2018

February 2, 2018

100 Days!

We celebrated the 100th Day of school on Friday.  We participated in many, fun “100” activities such as making “100” trail mix counting 100 steps and more.  We collected cans of food for the needy during our 100th day food drive.  The children were very proud to help those in need. Thank you for your donations!


We learned about weight by using scales to measure various items.  We used the terms heavier, lighter, and same as.  We also learned about capacity.

Spanish – Stanfield

We continued practicing numbers and colors and we learned body parts by singing “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” in Spanish.  The children had fun playing a game called, “Que color es mi sombrero?”

Science – Gonzales

We continued our study of animal classification by grouping animals by how they move.

Science – Manning

We learned the 4 main parts of a plant and made a flip book.

Whole Family Night

If you would like to learn more about Social Emotional Learning in the classroom, you are welcome to join us on Tuesday, February 6th at 5:45.  You and your child will visit different classrooms to experience several SEL activities.  This will be followed by a PTA meeting at 7:00.


Valentine’s Day is approaching!

In kindergarten we will be decorating a shoe box to hold our valentines cards. We will be needing some fun supplies for this purpose.  We could use any and all of the following –

small doilles

stick-on foam shapes

old valentines


wiggly eyes

washi tape

any other “valentine-ish” supplies

Thank you!

Valentine’s Day

We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on Wednesday, February 14th.  Please have your child bring their valentine cards that morning, as we will begin passing them out first thing.  The party will be that afternoon at 1:00.  Parents are welcome to come and help.

Please bring an un-decorated, covered shoe box to school by Monday, February 5th.  We will be decorating them at center time. We have sent white paper and instructions to cover the boxes home.  Please make sure your child can get the lid on and off.


Townes Moore          (1/2) 2/22

Ava Babu                   2/3