Kindernews May 19, 2017

May 19, 2017

All library books must be returned now.  We cannot release report cards without books being returned or paid for.


Please return any Kinder Readers you may have at home by next week.  These are the books that have gone home in Ziploc bags.


In science this week we learned about chemical reactions.  We made Alka Seltzer rockets.  We used a film canister with lid, two tablets of Alka Seltzer, and water.  Explosions happened!  A special thank you to Marta White, Kennedy Coe’s grandmother, for purchasing the almost extinct film canister.







I have had such a wonderful time teaching Spanish this year!  My main goal for the year was to make learning another language a fun experience.  I wanted the children to enjoy coming to my class each week and to leave with a beginning knowledge of the language as well as a familiarity with Mexican traditions and culture.

We covered many topics this year including traditional greetings, colors, numbers, family members, emotions, farm animals, pets, and body parts.  We also talked about the Christmas tradition of Las Posadas and the Cinco de Mayo celebration.  Most of our learning was accomplished through songs and games.

I hope that I have helped to instill a love of the Spanish language so that your children look forward to Spanish classes next year with Mrs. Abrego.

Color days are here!

Color Days have been a tradition at Lee school for many years.  It started in kindergarten about 25 years ago and has spread to the rest of the school.  Starting next week, each day will be dedicated to one color.  We will dress in that color, eat snacks that color, write poems, lists and graphs – all about that color.   Here is the schedule.  Please dress your child accordingly.

We will need special snacks on each day.  Please sign up on the list outside your child’s classroom or Bloomz the teacher so we can sign you up.  Thank you!

Color Schedule

Mon      5/15      red                    strawberries

Tues      5/16      orange             oranges

Wed      5/17      yellow               bananas

Thurs    5/18      green               grapes or green apples

Fri         5/19      purple              grapes

Mon      5/22      blue                 blueberries or blue chips

Tues      5/23      white               small marshmallows or string cheese or popcorn

Wed      5/24      black              mini oreos

Thurs    5/25      plaid

Tues      5/30      stripes

Wed      5/31      polka dots

Thurs    6/1        rainbow!


Grace Tu          5/16

Quinton McGehee          5/12