February 19, 2016
February 19, 2016

It’s Been a Busy Week!

Our sight words this week were are, for, you, and saw.  We also worked on different reading strategies such as blending sounds in easy words such as cat and sun. We also learned to look through more difficult words such as flamingo and match them to a picture using clues such as beginning and ending sounds.  We know that flamingo starts with f and ends with o so we can guess that the word flamingo goes with the picture of a flamingo and not an elephant. We also looked very carefully at words such as crab and crib to determine if they are the same or different.  Lastly, we found chunks of familiar words within another word to help us read.  We found cat in cattle.  Guess what they found in butterfly;)

In math we are using scales to compare the weight of different objects.

Social Studies – Stanfield

We watched a Brain Pop Jr. video about our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. We talked about why we celebrate Presidents Day and then made a booklet about Lincoln.

Science – Manning

We learned that weather is the state of the atmosphere and that it is always changing.  We had fun listing all different kinds of weather.  Tornadoes were our favorite.

Science – Gonzales

We learned that another way scientist classify animals is by body coverings.  We sorted animals by fur, scales, feathers, and shells.

Lee Live is fast approaching!  Make sure to purchase your tickets.  It is a fun evening for adults to dance to great music, eat yummy food and socialize with friends and neighbors.  You will also have an opportunity to bid on an awesome art project which your child has helped create.  Thank you to Piper Nelson, Molly’s mom, for working with each class to make the beautiful art work that will be auctioned off.


Max Ryall                        2/18

Owen Henkelman          1/19