Square1 ART orders due November 14

November 11, 2014

You may order online at any time.   If you order online by this Friday Nov. 14th your order will count most fully towards our fundraiser for the Lee Fine Arts Activity fund and your  completed orders will be delivered to Lee and distributed to the students before the winter holidays.    We use this fund to purchase supplies and tools for Fine Arts  and Special Areas.   One of the things we  have purchased is an almost a full class set of ipads for Special Areas.   By the end of this year we will have a full set.   We have also purchased many art supplies, a new kiln and microphone cords as well a props and supplies for some of our programs.     If you have lost your students order form you may still order online line with the specific number for their artwork.   The main office at Lee has a list of every student’s Art order numbers!  You can also use the Square1 website to send emails to friends and family with your child’s art order information for them to use as well.    Every student’s Square1 Artwork will be exhibited in the School Wide Art Exhibition in the school hallways in tandem with our school Celebrations program.   Square1 saves the art order numbers for several years so you can still order products from previous years artworks through them as well.    If you order after the due date you can still get products, however, the school will not receive as much profit for the fundraiser and the orders will not arrive at the school before winter break.

Square1 website:   https://square1art.com/